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Multiculturalism in the Erasmus+ framework Erasmus+ Training Course Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Updated: Jun 12

Multiculturalism in the Erasmus+ framework Erasmus+ Training Course Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Date: 9 – 17 October 2023

Venue: Guesthouse Vertoef

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Brief Description of the Project

Multiculturalism in the Erasmus+ framework (MEF) is a training course that will be realized in Nijmegen, Netherlands, from 9 to 17 October 2023. The aim of the training course is to gather together youth workers from 6 European nations that are active in their respective local youth sector organizations and actively fostering cross-cultural awareness and diversity as founding pillars of a world of peace in our modern, multicultural societies in EU.

The project Multiculturalism in the Erasmus+ framework focuses on promoting multi- cultural education alongside peacebuilding and tolerance, exchanging good practice in peer-to-peer, peaceful, and non-violent social action in an effort to improve the work with young people. Project participants work daily with vulnerable and socially marginalised multi-ethnic youth groups in their communities.

Throughout the entire project, a group of participants from Germany, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Poland will meet to discuss good practices of non-violent social action in their communities to improve awareness, skills and competencies on the subject of gender, multiculturalism and other related issues. Furthermore, by meeting with peacebuilding practitioners and developing roadmaps for follow-up initiatives, we will increase the real qualitative impact of the MEF project.

Goals of the Project

The training course shall encompass the following subjects: Youth Work, Inclusion, Tolerance, Human Rights, Community Engagement, Cultural Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Multiculturalism. By bringing together youth workers from different states in a programme of activities and committing portions of this programme to the elaboration of upcoming Erasmus+ initiatives, the project fosters cross- EU understanding among young people. As a result, further projects will develop the capacity of youth work funding schemes. Improved collaboration between promoter partners on these matters will enhance the capacity of CSOs within the youth sector.

The main objectives of this project are to:

• Raise awareness of inter-cultural communication topics;

• Share skills and expertise in negotiating in diverse cultural contexts, whether locally or at the European stage;

• Explore efficient solutions to resolving disputes in the area of inter-cultural isolation and empower the participants to take appropriate responses;

• Promote the meaningful involvement of young people in the life of civil societies; Develop a consciousness towards efficient discourse and multi-culturalism;

Trainers & Project Management: Aleksandr Stommels, Aleksandrs Post & Yavuz Goktas

Multiculturalism in the Erasmus+ framework training course - 2022-3-DE04-KA153-YOU-000097635



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