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The 2022 Documenta in Kassel (D) was themed around Lumbung. Jakarta-based collective Ruangrupa was tasked with curating one of the biggest art exhibitions. They translated this into: A collective invites worldwide collectives or artist groups with their ecosystems. Lumbung found a central place in this as a concept from the literal meaning of rice barn filled and protected by the whole community.

“The lumbung practice enables an alternative economy of collectivity, shared resource building, and equitable distribution. lumbung is anchored in the local and based on values such as humor, generosity, independence, transparency, sufficiency, and regeneration.”

This concept and working method, inspired René Donders to put Lumbung performatively central and artistically explore individually and collectively with the participants.

Three roles will recur regularly in the process: Storyteller, Theorist and Harvester.

Day 1 will be about introduction, study and individual finger exercises with collective energy.

Day 2 will be about artistically deepening the found material in contexts of humour, generosity, independence, transparency, enough for all and regeneration.

Day 3 will be about the tension between lumbung and the historical artistic collective activism of Joseph Beuys (social plastik), preparations for the presentation of the material and the presentation itself with drinks.

René Donders is a visual artist and lecturer at HAN, including at Vaktherapie Beeldend, Social Work and the Global Health Minor. Originally a painter, his specialisation is Performance art.

From working with international performance artists such as Yingmei Duan, Amanda Coogan, Boris Nieslony and Jan Marrussich in project weeks with students, he is an active performance artist himself

Cost €175.

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