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Bildung Expedition

Bildung Expedition

Explore how you want to relate to yourself, others and the world.

For: students of all educational levels, recent graduates or gap year, who want to develop personally with others.

Number: maximum 15 participants Duration: 5 October 2019 - 20 January 2020

Number of meetings: introductory weekend (4 - 6 October), 2 evenings per week (Monday and Thursday) and open community every week on Wednesday.

Study load: Approximately 9 hours per week, including 3 hours own investment.

Language: Dutch

Cost: €300 (including introductory weekend (accommodation, food and drinks), 4 optional excursions, catering during the meetings, venues, guest speakers and teaching materials).

Deadline for application: 27 September

Are you looking for more direction or meaning in your (professional) life? Do you want to develop in personally chosen skills that fit your unique life? Or are you looking for a place where you can meet others who are also working on their personal development? Then sign up for this Bildung Expedition!


As a pupil and student, you have been lambasted long enough with endless lectures, fact-stamping and writing dry reflection papers. Time for action! This Bildung Expedition was set up by the pioneers of Bildung Nijmegen, who believe that your personal development matters and that you should not be alone in this. Because what do you find important in life? And in what wonderful and personal way will you make your mark on this world? These are the questions that really matter, but have not been addressed in your education. In this busy world, there is so much 'to do'; finally, it is also about you! Next semester, we therefore offer you the chance to go on a personal expedition, together with 14 other participants and with the help of our guides.


Let me take you on a journey through the programme of your Bildung Expedition. The expedition starts pleasantly and relaxed in the "In-between Space": the introduction weekend. During the expedition, we will visit many other areas, but having arrived in the in-between space, away from schedules, deadlines and exam weeks, there will first be time for sociability. Here you will also meet your guide, who will coach you during the programme to realise your own project. During the programme which then begins, we will deal with various themes in the form of workshop evenings. The first block is all about identity and love and death. The second block is about exploring your motivations and your relationship to the digital world. And we conclude by practising how to function in the world; professionally but especially as human beings in this society. If you are interested and want more than this very short summary, check out our website which is in the pink banner below.



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