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“The Spirit of Pierson NOW”

The Spirit of the Pierson NOW is a documentary about the impact of Nijmegen activism now and during the Pierson actions 40 years ago. Alongside squatters and others, we follow activists working on issues such as refugees, gender diversity, the environment and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The film is an initiative of Nijmegen-based production company Dziga in collaboration with Bildung Nijmegen and directed by Paul Ruven, known for My Best Friend Anne Frank, among other things. The documentary deals with the impact of contemporary activism in Nijmegen and during the Pierson actions over 40 years ago.

The documentary features people who are just as young now as those who were active in the squatters' movement at the time. Both age groups talk about the issues surrounding activism, housing and other pressing social issues and how it further affects or has affected everyone's lives.

The Pierson Actions

Apart from squatters and people involved in, for example, the Nijmegen Housing Coalition, the film follows activists working for refugees, gender diversity, environmental organisations and the Black Lives Matter movement.



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