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ROC Nijmegen and Bildung Nijmegen have joined forces to work together on citizenship education, within Erasmus+.

From upcoming school year ROC Nijmegen and Bildung Nijmegen will collaboration in the field of citizenship education aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities as active members of society. By integrating Bildung principles into the curriculum, students are encouraged to critically reflect on societal issues, engage in meaningful dialogue, and develop the necessary skills to contribute positively to their communities.

Yavuz Goktas, Chairman of Bildung Nijmegen and Chaim van Rens, Projectmanager “Burgerschappen” ROC Nijmegen.

Furthermore, the partnership with Erasmus+ allows for international collaboration and exchange opportunities, enabling students to gain a global perspective on citizenship education. Through Erasmus+ projects, students have the chance to participate in study abroad programs, training courses, and cultural exchanges, fostering a deeper understanding of citizenship within a broader European context.

Overall, the collaboration between ROC Nijmegen, Bildung Nijmegen, and Erasmus+ creates a dynamic and enriching educational experience for students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to become informed, engaged, and responsible citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.



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