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Bildung Nijmegen at JongerenLab / Bindkracht10

Updated: Jun 12

Thursday 23 May we were invited by youth and community worker Tess from Bindkracht10 to talk about Bildung Nijmegen and the (international) opportunities we bring with us for all young people.

What makes Jongerenlab (YouthLab) so great is that young people from different backgrounds, backgrounds, educational levels and interests talk to each other and carry out an activity or project together. We from Bildung Nijmegen hope to be part of this.

Through activities, projects, trainings, youth exchanges and information evenings, we try to narrow the gap between school leavers, the various levels within MBO (entree, NT2 etc), HBO and WO. This is only possible by talking to each other, getting to know each other, learning from each other and acting together.

We are proud that we managed to make a large mixed group of young people enthusiastic about Bildung Nijmegen.

🗣️ Aleksandr Stommels, Claudia Librizzi and Yavuz Goktas



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