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Workshop "Getting to know your Voice"

13-02-2020 @ 19:00 - 22:00

Location not yet known

Workshop "Getting to know your Voice"

You have important things to say, you want people to listen to you, you want to impress and make an impact. But, when the moment comes, your heart jumps in your throat, you run out of breath, your voice trembles, or sounds too soft, on squeaks. Familiar? During the workshop, you will get to know your voice, learn how to convey your message with more conviction, passion, colour and expression. You will learn how the room, the size of the group, the setting and the topic affect your voice, but also how you can make use of the circumstances. You practice and you get feedback and tips, not generic advice and training, but insights that make an immediate difference for you. You learn to use the strengths of your performance - how you are, how you stand, how you sound. You will build on what makes you unique.



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