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TEDxYouth@Nijmegen - Velocity of the Future

Updated: Jun 12

TEDxYouth@Nijmegen - Velocity of the Future

Theme: Velocity of the Future

This event occurred on

January 18, 2019

12:30pm - 7:00pm CET (UTC +1hr)

Hogeschool van Arnhem Nijmegen

Laan van scheut 10

Nijmegen, Gelderland, 6525EM

Our current society is moving at an increasingly faster rate and as a result our citizens have to start moving at greater velocity in order to keep pace and stay ahead of the challenges that threaten our very existence.

Regarding Technology we want to focus on sustainability projects. Our speakers will try to inspire every young person to get involved or to be informed to work towards a better, sustainable and modern community. Because we believe young people are the future that’s why we want to give them a place where they can express their passion. We give them the opportunity to gain confidence in their level of leadership.

Regarding Entertainment we want to highlight social engagement our speakers will bring forth topics such as growing beyond your social circle towards becoming a global citizen and taking responsibility and see the consequences of the choices by humanity. Therefore we promote speakers that help disadvantaged people and promote equal opportunities between the privileged and the discriminated. Besides we want to foster diversity and inclusion in our lineup, social young leaders will explain in a fun way how to address social problems in society by theater plays or philosophical thinking.

Regarding Design we want to adress new forms of entrepreneurship. Our speakers will bring debate among youngsters concerning the fast moving developments of how youngsters educate themselves, choose to become an entrepreneur or even to combine both to become leaders in their field of industry. Especially for design we would like to include art pieces or an artistic twist regarding the topic of the speaker.

Our team has a great network of young ambitious individuals ranging from students to influencers and entrepreneurs to government officials who like to share their journey of their passion. Through the many organisations and umbrella organisations we know which bosses and secretaries to contact who have also a large overview of inspiring projects and stories.

Aleksandr Stommels & Stephan Spieker



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