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Cultures in Action Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Saulkrasti, Latvia

Date: 29-08-2021 - 07-09-2021

Venue: Hotel “Minhauzena Unda”

City: Saulkrasti, Latvia

Project “Cultures in Action” was about performance. During the project we promoted Europe by art, music and street performances.

If we talk about current situation in European Union, the level of cultural traditions is getting lower and lower. This on long term have a very strong effect on life of EU citizens, making them loose their feeling of identity. We believe that this situation needs to be discussed and the effects of this to be presented in a more interesting way in order that people pay attention and put in practice what they learn.

In our project we wanted to promote the traditions by using a more interesting method and we welcomed young people looking for uniqueness, interested in promoting culture and traditions through non-formal education. In our work together with our partners we wanted to connect the youngsters with the traditions in order to help them be more inventive and innovative in terms of keeping the traditions alive.

It is very important for the youngsters to be aware of the importance of traditions and cultural heritage. We worked with these themes through creative promotion of culture and traditions. 30 young people from 6 different countries (Latvia, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Netherlands) will come together in Saulkrasti, Latvia to promote Europe.

Cultures in Action, Erasmus+ youth exchange - 2019-3-LV02-KA105-002779



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