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Bildung Nijmegen & MeetUp024

Since February 2017, meetings have been organised in Nijmegen under the banner of MeetUp024, bringing together educationists who want to be able to learn from each other. On 17 May, the Bildung Platform Nijmegen was also present for the first time. The theme of the evening was "Dare to dream. What if it does?".

Elle Custers and Jan Bransen were present and told on the soapbox that the Bildung Platform Nijmegen is mainly there for and by students of MBO, HBO and WO, and that it wants to give students space to develop and strengthen relationships with themselves, each other and society, in order to help prevent the education system from contributing to divisions in society.

Elle had managed to arrange two further viewing boxes, with which we tried to get participants to look at what their school could have been like if they had not missed what they had in fact missed at that school.

It resulted in beautiful conversations and surprising photos, of which this is the best.

It was about Bildung between the lines, was a great example of connecting, and also contributed to increasing the name awareness of the Bildung Platform Nijmegen at MeetUp024.

Next time, we will be there again!



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