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Touche (the) Nature, Erasmus+ Training Course, Czech Republic

4-12 augustus 2024

Touch the Nature 2

Oldřichovice ecocentrum in Czech Republic

5 youth workers from each country


The topic of the project is the use of nature as a tool for working with youth, especially in the field of non-formal and experiential education. Nature is an important aspect of non-formal and experiential programs that brings the phenomenon of adventure and activity to the educational process. As part of the project, its participants will learn about the possibilities of using nature for various types of non-formal youth education activities. The aim of the presented project is to contribute to improvement of the quality of youthwork through the development of competences of youth workers in the field of non-formal education in nature.

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

- enable 30 youth workers from partner countries to experience various educational activities in nature, thereby motivating them to improve their own pedagogical practice and use nature as a tool and environment for educational activities

 - to familiarize 30 youth workers from partner countries with the methods of experiential pedagogy, flow learning and forest therapy and specific activities based on these methods, thereby increasing their flexibility in preparing informal education programs

 - enable 30 youth workers from partner countries to create their own program of non-formal education in nature, implement at least part of it and receive feedback, thereby supporting their motivation for further education, acceptance of responsibility for their education and work with strengths and weaknesses

- support the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities in non-formal education in nature

- support the creation of new partnerships between partner organizations and project participants. The project will have an impact on the participants themselves, the organizations involved and their members and supporters at local, national and international levels.

Thanks to participation in the project, the competences of 30 youth workers in the field of non-formal youth education will increase, as well as their cultural, civic and social competences.

Thanks to the use of experiential methods, the project will also contribute to personal development of the participants. Involved organizations will increase the quality of their work and establish new international partnerships. During the mobility, its participants will create a brochure of activities in English and non-formal programs, which they will then implement after returning back home.

“Touch (the) Nature 2, Erasmus+ training course – 2023-3-CZ01-KA153-YOU-000182799”

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